Childrens’ Daycare Nursery in
Tidworth & Perham Down

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes both the Tidworth and Perham Down Nurseries are Ofsted registered our registration numbers can be found on our most recent Ofsted report. Both our Ofsted inspections are available to view online.
Please feel free to contact us and we are happy to arrange a viewing for you. We can show you around our nurseries and tell you about us and you are then free to ask us any questions or discuss any queries you may have.
We accept cash, cheque or bank transfer payments, and yes we do accept all childcare vouchers.

We feel it is extremely important for both the child and the parent to have a period of settling before the initial start at nursery. We generally suggest 2 short visits as close to the start date as possible. The first you come along with your child and meet their new key person. During this visit you are able to tell us all about your child; their likes/dislikes, their routine, any allergies, SEN requirements etc and your child is able to explore the new environment secure in the knowledge that you are close by.

The 2nd visit we recommend that you leave your child for a short period of time to enable them to begin to form the beginnings of a relationship with their key person. This is a short visit to reinforce to your child that you are going to return for them.

Of course all children are individual and we work with you as the parent to decide the best way to move forward as you know your child best.

We experience lots of sensory and messy play here at Poppies so first and foremost lots of changes of clothes so that we are able to change your child and keep them comfortable during their day with us. Please also ensure that your child has plenty of weather appropriate clothing so lots of warm items for Autumn/Winter (hats, gloves, all in one’s, wellies etc) and light cotton wear for the Spring/Summer period (sun hat, shorts, long-sleeved thin tops, fleeces, rain mack etc).

For the younger children, we suggest that you bring in any comforters they might have, and we ask that you provide a routine if your child has one to enable us to follow that here at the nursery.

If your child is in nappies please bring along the nappies you would like us to use and wipes/lotion/cotton wool – whatever you are using at home. If your child is part-time then you can just bring in what they will need for the day in their bag and if they are full time you may bring in a whole packet of nappies and wipes and we will inform you when they need replenishing. If your child is toilet trained/training we would ask that you send in lots of changes of trousers/tights and pants.

In our baby rooms we have cots for our younger children to sleep in. We provide all the bedding but if your child uses a grow bag or has a special blanket it is absolutely fine for you to bring that in. The older children have mattresses to rest or sleep on, and our pre-school children rest on cushions. All the rest periods are within your child’s room so it is a familiar environment for them and we aim to make it as calm and relaxing as possible. Rest or sleep is extremely important to a child’s growth and development but we are aware that children are individual and require differing amounts of rest or sleep and this can vary from day to day.

If you child becomes unwell while at nursery we will endeavour to monitor your child and if we feel it is necessary we will contact you. There may be occasions where we call you to let you know the situation, and to let you know what we are doing for your child. If your child has a high temperature or we feel they need to see a GP or be at home with you then we will contact you to ask you to collect your child.
Unfortunately if you child is absent from nursery due to illness there is no reduction in your nursery fees.

If your child is prescribed antibiotics from your GP we are able to administer them here at the nursery.  We ask that you keep your child at home for the first 24 hours to ensure that they do not have an allergic reaction to the medication.  

The only instance in which we will administer Calpol is if is prescribed by your GP to work in conjunction with any antibiotics you may have been prescribed for the first 48 hours, or if your child has a high temperature here at the nursery. In this instance we will try to lower your child’s temperature by means of stripping them off, giving them fluids and tepid sponging, we will then contact you and if you give permission we can administer a dose of Calpol if you are on your way to collect your child.

If you are in a situation where you are running late or someone else is coming to collect your child in your absence then we ask that you please call us to let us know, or pre arrange this by letter/e-mail.  We will not allow anyone other than yourself to take your child off the nursery premises without your express permission.