Tidworth Nursery

We have been established for 23 years in the heart of the garrison town of Tidworth. Situated within the secure grounds of the Aspire Business Centre we are able to accommodate 68 children on a daily basis.

There are 4 rooms within the nursery so that each child is able to spend time within their peer group and having access to quality activities to support their development. Each room is staffed appropriately with qualified DBS checked practitioners who strive to nurture and expand on your child’s stage of development.

Daisies & Buttercups

Daisies and Buttercups is our 0 – 18 months room, we are able to accommodate 18 babies with 6 practitioners as the ratio is 1:3. The room has 2 areas; one for our non-mobile children which enables them to explore resources and the environment in a safe way, and our toddlers have a larger area for them to develop their gross motor skills without fear of hurting our smaller children.


Bluebells is our 18 month – 2 years room, this room is able to have 9 children with 3 practitioners with the ratio being 1:3.

Both the Daisies and Buttercups and Bluebell rooms provide a stimulating and calming environment in which your baby can explore the world around them in a safe way. We believe it is so important for parents to be involved in their child’s development and this is at the heart of the care we provide.


Sunflowers is our 2 years – 3 years room, this room can accommodate 16 children with 4 practitioners on a 1:4 ratio.

As your child’s confidence and interest develop they will want to explore and improve on their newfound skills. Careful planning with the children’s interests in mind will help to support this learning and practitioners will provide activities to stretch your child’s learning and give them the confidence to try new skills.


Butterflies is our pre-school room with children age 3 years – 5 years, this room can accommodate 24 children with 3 practitioners on a 1:8 ratio.

The Butterflies room offers further opportunity for your child to develop their learning and independence giving them the foundations for a successful transition into school.

All the children access a secure garden and are able to explore the local environment by visiting the library or going for walks in the local area. The younger children have a music and movement session with Jo Jingles each week and the pre-school children have French once a week from an outside tutor as an extension to the curriculum we offer.

Our snacks are prepared within the nursery environment and our meals are outsourced to the Aspire restaurant which is within the grounds of Aspire Business Centre.